Offering unique 3-D printing accessories and custom 3-D printed products.


The VoxelPrints products are of great quality at a great price! I needed this delivered quick for a cake topper and VoxelPrints made it happen.  Awesome customer service!

Juanita C.

3Devo extruder comes with sophisticated data logging and process monitoring software, providing e.g. a detailed map of filament thickness

Dominic J.

3Devo extruder is leading the way in custom, composite filament development

University researcher

The 3Devo extruder worked first time we turned it on.  The support team provided excellent hands-on introduction via video call - we were up & running within couple hours of unpacking the system. 

Walter E.

The extruder has user-friendly and intuitive interface

Petra K, College lab instructor