Prusa MK3/S/+ Einsy RAMBo (Local Shipping in Canada)

Prusa MK3/S/+ Einsy RAMBo (Local Shipping in Canada)

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This Einsy RAMBo has the MK3/S/+ firmware pre-installed. 

This product includes:

  • Einsy RAMBo with MK3/S/+ firmware (1 pcs)
  • Plug Aligner plastic part (1 pcs)
  • ATO Blade fuses 5A (rated for 32 VDC) (2 pcs)
  • ATO Blade fuse 15A (rated for 32 VDC) (1 pcs)


  • Manufacturer: Ultimachine
  • Main MCU: Atmega 2560
  • USB-to-serial chip: Atmega 32u4
  • Stepper motor driver: TMC2130, 1/256th microstep motor drivers
  • Requires 24V

Not compatible with: MK2.5S, MK2.5, MK2S, MMU2S, CW1, SL1, MINI, MINI+, SL1S, CW1S, MK2.

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